The Knighthood has been incorporated in accordance with the Austrian Association Act and it is registered as a legal entity. This is the legal basis of the Knighthood.

The following facts rise the Knighthood to the proximity of the historical order:

  1. The cultish-mystical centre
    The centre of the Knighthood is based on the symbol of our faith; the full motto is: “IN HONOREM DEI et IN HONOREM VINI”; the Knighthood of the Vine follows citations from the Bible concerning wine.
  2. The Christian and philosophic-ethical value system which is manifested in historically proven structures (Roman Empire; imperial free cities).
  3. The furthering of ideal, Christian, charity, social and cultural as well as scientific and social values and work; noble mentality and fostering noble, knightly friendship.
  4. The elitist principle in the selection of Confederates – elitist Confederates forma knightly elite.
  5. The knight’s constitution, namely
    – Aristocratic nobility:                              NOBILITY (aristocratic democracy)
    – Continuing Senate offices:                     CONTINUITY (senator aristocracy)
    – Collegial Consuls:                                    COLLEGIALITY (consular executive)
    – Equal Confederates:                               EQUALITY (democracy based on equality)

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