To all the friends of wine around Europe!

Given at the headquarters of the senate of the free city Eisenstadt.

Wine takes a significant part of the European culture and identity. The European Wine Knighthood has set its goal to cherish the diversity of the common cultural heritage and to preserve it for future generations.
Thus we want to give significant contribution to the european integration and to the further enlargement of the European circle of friendship as well as peace in Europe. Despite all these efforts, personal friendship should not be neglected such as enjoying the noble drink and nurturing the fine arts.
Therefore we invite you to consider the first step to membership in the European Wine Knighthood, by personally becoming a member and/or participating in the creation of a wine consulate in your country.

The European Wine Knighthood has a tradition of a knightly wine order and was founded in 1984 in Eisenstadt, Austria in honor of wine and God. The Knighthood is in the tradition of the knightly order St. George from 1273 i.e. 1308, 1468 and it continues. The association is a place of gathering not only for the wine manufacturers but as well as for all those who love wine and have it as part of their culture. The aim is spreading and exchanging information on wine, its reasonable consumption, as well as connecting nations based on cultural grounds. In Europe there are more than 5,000 admirers of wine from more than 20 countries. Members of the Wine Knighthood order are renowned oenologists, winemakers, diplomats, doctors, scientists and church grandees.
The Macedonian wine consulate was established on March 4, 2009 and his first proconsul named Zorancho Mitrevski.

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