Fundamentals of Knighthood work

I. The European society of values is the basis for all understanding and actions. II. The knighthood’s administrative bodies enjoy the advance of spontaneity and honorable public service. III. An optimum level of success can be achieved through the professional neutral approach to the knighthood’s work or if you like to the knighthood’s administrative bodies.

About the Knighthood

The Knighthood has been incorporated in accordance with the Austrian Association Act and it is registered as a legal entity. This is the legal basis of the Knighthood. The following facts rise the Knighthood to the proximity of the historical order: The cultish-mystical centre The centre of the Knighthood is based on the symbol of

The power of the knighthood

The European Knighthood of the Vine should fulfill two principal tasks. The outward message: To advance the better use and perception of wine = support of wine growing and making = contribution to material values. The inward mission: Formation of a knighthood community. Everybody should adopt knightly manners = fostering of the knight’s mentality = contribution