I. The European society of values is the basis for all understanding and actions.

II. The knighthood’s administrative bodies enjoy the advance of spontaneity and honorable public service.

III. An optimum level of success can be achieved through the professional neutral approach to the knighthood’s work or if you like to the knighthood’s administrative bodies.

IV. The synergetic effect between the secular and knightly functions and projects guarantees a minimization of costs and optimisation of success.

V. Business should not bring about friendship, friendship should bring about business.
a.  The Knighthood itself does not perform any business, as it is a priori oriented as a non-profit making organization not based on gain.
b.  Knightly friendship between Confederates should however also serve for economic contact between the Confederates.

VI. European orientation of the Order of the Vine: It is at home everywhere regardless of where it sits in session.

VII. Utilisation of the international knighthood network:
The foreign partial knighthoods are points of support for the Knighthood’s work and consequently       indispensable factors for implementation of the noble aims of the Order.

VIII. Sales of wine, wine tourism and cultural tourism are very closely linked. Therefore, the Knighthood of the Vine is covered by three departments:
1. The cultural department (cultural tourism)
2. The economic department (tourism)
3. The agricultural department (wine economy)

IX. Appreciation comes before the creation of value.

X. Kairos: The art of the right moment in time (and the right place) is to be heeded in order to achieve a meaningful, efficient and successful business.

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